Senator Orrin Hatch is no Upstate Newyork beans or Florida toasted coffee

Sarah Palin expressed interest in the candidacy of Republicans of various idealogical spectrum during the 2010 election and many won and some lost. Chief among them was Christine O’Donnell. 

Christine O’Donnell faced tremendous negative coverage by the leftist media . She faced the same level of onslaught as George Allen. But leftist media is not the only reason she lost the election.

1. Stance on abortion.

Media asks a simple question. Due you want to make exception for rape and incest? Any candidate that says no exceptions is going to loose and some of the tea party candidates lost because of their abortion stance. Prolife need not be anti-abortion. I am pro-life and not anti-abortion. Any pregnancy due to a crime must be termed and that is my opinion. For thousands of years women had no choice but to commit suicide or bear the child of rape. Today’s technology provides them the way out. Anti-abortion with no-exception at state and nationwide election will bring only defeat.

2. The “I am not a witch”  TV spot

3. State party

Sarah Palin’s endorsement of three women in the East coast resulted in the victory for two of them, Haley and Ayotte. 

My take is Republican Party candidates should not interfere with the reproductive rights of the women and Pro-Life is a right stance and anti-abortion with no exception is no good.

Sarah Palin’s support for Orrin Hatch is something we need to applaud. Making the right decision takes courage and Sarah Palin has the courage and conviction to do the right thing. Tea partiers are not sheeple and some of the dubious candidates who ride the tea party wave brought humiliation like the candidate in Colorado.

Orrin Hatch is a great statesman and contributed tremendously to the well being of our nation.   Yes. There are some votes that are not very conservative. But they were necessary actions in a representative democracy.

There is a great future for some of the Utah tea party candidates and they got to wait for their turn. We do not want to waste our time and energy on primaries of Republican senators and representatives based on short fall of few points in a conservative scale.  If the candidate is 80 instead of 90 is not a problem. If the candidate is 20 and then we have a  problem.

It is not productive to waste the energy on 80/90 dispute.

Mr. Hatch is like us but with lot more burden due to elected office.