A pledge to Delaware - Regulate, Reindustrialize, Reinvest,Reenergize and Refuel

I did not read the Republican pledge. But read the commentaries on them. 

How tax cut to so called rich is going to create a job or any job. How it is going to boost to entrepreneurship? 

Many companies are already sitting on billions of dollars of cash. 

What is real cause for America’s problems today?

The answer may be residential real estate. American wealth is locked in real estate. Today’s homes are twice as big as the homes that were built 30 years ago. An average new home has four bed rooms when most families live in them have two or less children. Cats and dogs enjoy the walk out basements of 2000 square feet are more.

These trillions of dollar residential excess is the root cause for America’s decline in manufacturing sector. The residential real estate also employs transient people who transmit billions of dollars American wealth out of the country. Lawns are criminal waste of fertilizer, water and gasoline.

O’Donnell’s opponent felt that residential real estate excess is not good enough. This gentileman wants to spend billions of dollars on the commercial real estate and that too public money i.e. tax dollars on commercial real estate. This unproductive idea will be very much appreciated by the media elite. This gentleman has no meaningful ideas to solve nation’s problem.

I wish O’Donnell makes five pledges

  • Regulate: Government (Fannie and Freddie) should not lend more than $200k per home or 50% of the home value whichever that is less. 
  • Reindustrialize: Impose heavy customs duty on imported manufactured items and enforce quotas to bring balance on import and export  
  • Reinvest: Sell the shares of Government Motors and all other government held banks to the American tax payors at its face value so that Americans own them.  
  • Reenergize: Invest in nuclear power.
  • Refuel:  After all Delaware is the chemical capital of the world. We can’t build battery driven police car or a rig. It is unrealistic. We can research and develop synthetic fuel and replace fossil fuel.