A week in the dinosaur park - Christine O'Donnell canceled the dinosaur media interviews

Read: Decided not to step on the copralite on Sunday.

Who cares about the network TV anyways. They generate news out of the interviews for the cable channels.

Washington is not a strange place. There is an association for every cause. Some association is out there for ethics and found problems with politicos. Of course they need to show that they are a non-partisan association. Some democrats were listed along with many republicans. This association wants to create some headache. We got to believe that they are truely non-partisan. Truely non-partisan ethical association indeed! Please fund them with copralite!

Maryland Republican senate candidate has the best ad. He wants to extinct insidosaurus of maryland.

Well. Somebody in Nevada wanted to have a Upper Delavarian dinosaur for pet. Do we have a problem with that? 

How do we transport dinosaur in a humane way with less carbon foot print to Search Light? Ask a starlet for advise.

Great idea here. Let us spend some stimulus money on keeping the dinosaurs clean …

Well. We had a great week. Christine O’ made a very smart move by avoiding the Sunday shows. She will not gain a single vote out of that.

On the other day in the mall a vendor told my wife “People are made all over the world. But merchantise is made only in China”. Think about that.