Nothing to see here, move along

“…Romney has a huge problem with the conservative base of the GOP,” Phillips said. “He had better do something about that ASAP or he won’t have to worry about that moving to the middle nonsense. Without the GOP base, he is a lost cause…” http://dailycaller.com/2012/04/13/tea-party-leader-warns-romney-dont-expect-us-to-campaign-for-you/

There is nothing to get excited about with a Romney nomination…just more of the same tired politics-as-usual in Washington, while we taxpayers foot more and more of the bill.

What’s even worse is the very real possibility that instead of breaking the Tea Party’s back, the RNC will have destroyed the Republican Party. This election was supposed to be different. “No more RINOs” was the cry from the Base, and yet here we are again with another *presumed* candidate who can’t get the majority of Republican voters to back him because he isn’t a Conservative.

Romney took 38% of the delegates available in Colorado over the past 2 days, continuing a disturbingly lack-luster trend. Of great interest though were the numbers of people who voted for both Rick Santorum and Ron Paul. This should cause the RNC to reconsider plans to coronate Mitt, but it won’t faze them a bit.

Like good little drones, the Republican Base is supposed to fall in line and vote for whomever the RNC throws at us, but judging from the reactions I’ve seen, that assumption just may not be valid this time. People want their country back. They want jobs and futures for their children. They do not want a Nanny State peering into every aspect of their lives or redistributing their hard-earned dollars.

This election is not as simple as “Anybody but Obama”. It’s about keeping faith with the American People and upholding the Constitution. It’s about limiting the reach and purview of government. It’s about protecting our freedoms and liberties as individuals. It’s about maintaining our safety and security from those who seek to destroy us.

Romney doesn’t get it. Santorum and Paul kinda sorta get it. As the last of the Reagan Republicans, Newt most definitely gets it…and people are noticing. I will crawl over broken glass and burning embers to vote for a man who understands and loves America and our Constitution. I will vote for Newt!