Better put some ice on that, Mr. Cain!

Is Mr. Cain being accused of raping or murdering anyone? No.

Is Mr. Cain being accused of fathering multiple children outside of his marriage? No.

Is Mr. Cain being accused of taking lewd photos of himself and sending them to young women? No.

Is Mr. Cain being accused of visiting a prostitute so frequently that he had his own customer number? No.

Then what is all the ruckus about? Mr. Cain is a Conservative and a political outsider who could do great damage to all career politicians.

Mr. Cain is winning in almost every poll, and by more than just a little bit. He has generated real hope, enthusiasm, and national pride in an otherwise despairing and depressed population, and he WILL be our next Commander-in-Chief unless the powers that be can somehow derail his campaign. A win for him next November will usher in a new and dangerous political era where accountability to taxpayers will be key. The fraud, corruption, lawlessness, greed, and gross lack of concern for America and her People will finally be laid bare for all to see. Every career politician will run for the hills as evidence of their wrongdoing is made public.

Mr. Cain therefore, must be stopped. At any and all cost. No matter how fantastic and unbelievable the story and accusation, the MSM will run with it.

The lynching has begun in earnest.

Yet, we have viewed the disgusting photos of Mr. Weiner’s crotch. We have heard Mr. Clinton dispute the meaning of the word “is”. We have read about John Edwards planning to wed his mistress as soon as his wife died. We have the testimony of Client #9’s prostitute. Mary Jo Kopechne’s death still seems utterly reprehensible to many of us. We have been forced to accept that powerful and privileged politicians routinely make a mockery of our laws…and we are SICK of it!

America and her People need you, Mr. Cain. We see what’s being done and will stand with you, pray for you, vote for you, and support you any way we can. Just don’t give up!

“Put some ice on that” and keep fighting!