Establishment Republicans and the Smokescreen of “Income Disparity”

Sounding more like Obama than a Republican House Majority Leader, Eric Cantor said this past Sunday on Fox News that The Rich must:

“…actually put their money to work to create more jobs so that we can see a closing of the gap.”

“We know in this country right now that there is a complaint about folks at the top end of the income scale, if they make too much, and too many don’t make enough.”

“We are about income mobility and that’s what we should be focused on to take care of the income disparity in this country” said Cantor.”

We’ve become accustomed to hearing this sort of drivel from the Left as they penalize profitable businesses, but it is startling to hear similar obfuscation coming from Eric Cantor.

What could have inspired Mr. Cantor’s defection to the Occupy Wall Street crowd?

Could it be that critical mass has finally been achieved within establishment Republican ranks by the unexpected popularity of Herman Cain and his 9-9-9 plan?

Rick Perry has raised thus far about $17 million for his war chest, and Mitt Romney has around $15 million on hand. Herman Cain has only about $1.3 million to spend on his campaign.

Yet, which candidate is leading in nearly every poll? That’s right, Herman Cain…and not by any small margin either. His messages resonate. He inspires love of country and traditional values. He embraces the Constitution and the visions of our Founding Fathers. People are flocking to his side in droves…even folks who typically vote Democratic.

But Herman Cain doesn’t need gazillions of dollars to get his message across. Tea Party members are making campaign signs, buttons, and brochures at home. We are blogging, commenting, and most importantly, we are talking to other fed-up Americans.

All 435 House of Representative seats are up for grabs in 2012. Understandably, establishment Republicans politicians are running scared. They have good cause for their fear, for they have offered us only Democrat-lite candidates who are soft on everything from illegal immigration to socialized healthcare.

But our eyes are open, Mr. Cantor. We are interested in substance, message, and solutions. You offer none of these things. The only thing left to bolster your bid for re-election in 2012 is to now pander to the Left.

By doing so, you reveal that power, money, and influence are your guiding principles – not the good of America or her people. And the American people are finished with your kind.