Obama's Defective Gene

A couple of weeks ago Joe Biden said that Barack Obama is going to raise the taxes of those making more than $250,000 a year and that those people getting a tax increase should consider themselves “patriotic”. Can you believe that? I’m going to tell you the truth,my fellow Americans. If Obama gets elected he intends to make “patriots” out of ALL of you ! He can’t help it. He’s a Democrat. Like all Democrats he has a defective gene. Scientists have named it the RAISE THE TAXES gene. The defect can’t be cured so forget any empty promises Obama makes about lowering the taxes of 95% of all Americans. If you truly believe that a tax and spend,liberal Democrat is going to lower your taxes, there is a bridge in Alaska I want to sell you ! My sources tell me that if they are elected the Obama/Biden Administration is going to make the Internal Revenue Service call April 15, PATRIOTS DAY. Obama intends to raise our taxes as soon as possible. Why do you think he and Nancy Pelosi are so desperate to pass the bailout bill of Wall Street ? That is going to be his excuse as to why he is being forced to raise your taxes ! He intends to say that with the drain on the Treasury due to the bailout, plus the cost of the war in Iraq, plus the need to send more troops to Afghanistan he needs to raise revenues. This Chicago street hustler is cunning and duplicitous so he will probably call it a “fee”, not a tax hike. Get ready for the many “fee” hikes that are coming in the next four years.