Barack Obama is a drug addict

Barack Obama is a drug addict. Experts tell us that an addict never truly recovers. The craving for drugs is always present. Even if drug use ended years earlier, addicts still crave the euphoria,the high,the arousal created by drugs. Those who treat alcoholics are more honest than those who treat drug addicts. It is irrelevant if a drunk has been sober for thirty years. They are still called alcoholics. Those who treat drug addicts pretend the problem is over if someone doesn’t abuse cocaine any more. Barack Obama has written extensively about his use of crack cocaine in the past. In his autobiography “The Audacity of Hope” he writes, “I was rapidly on my way to becoming a junkie”. Not one reporter has asked him about this ! How is that possible? Experts know that under stress the craving for drugs is magnified and that is when a relapse occurs. There is no job more stressful than the Presidency. Can you imagine the tragedy that could ensue if Obama has a relapse? What if, when he is in a drug induced stupor we have a terrorist attack? My sources tell me that political insiders in Chicago knew that Obama was snorting cocaine when he was in the Illinois Legislature just four years ago ! Have you been so brainwashed by the idolatry of the press that you are willing to elect a drug addict as President? Do you really want a crack addict in the Oval Office? If you do,YOU must be on drugs.