From the CrackHouse to the White House

In the past,those who became President were men who had led exemplary lives. Men of class,of elegance. Some were war heroes,such as Eisenhower,Kennedy and Bush Sr. John McCain is such a man. Barack Obama will be the first to attempt to leap from the Crack House to the White House ! In his autobiography, “The Audacity of Hope” Obama writes about his extensive use of drugs. “I was rapidly on my way to becoming a junkie” he writes. This is mind boggling. When Bill Clinton ran for President his candidacy was almost destroyed when the press hounded him because he once smoked pot. Today a man who smoked crack cocaine is close to the Oval Office and the press is utterly silent ! Imagine how this will be exploited in the Middle East. The radical Muslims who despise us will say to their followers, “Obama is proof of their decadence. The leader of America is a former junkie ! The pious Muslim nation must defeat these depraved infidels who defy God by choosing a drug addict as their President. Our leaders are anointed by God. Their leader inhaled the fumes of Satan ! Our victory is inevitable my brothers. Praise be to Allah.” An Obama Presidency will be disastrous to our interests in the Middle East. You simply can’t go from the Crack House to the White House.