Palin-Biden debate

**During their debate this week Senator Biden is sure to bring up Sarah Palin’s inexperience in foreign affairs. When he does, she must do what she has failed to do so far and that is to throw the charge right back in his face. She must turn to him and she must say to him, ” Senator,for your information four out of the last five Presidents were governors before ascending to the Oval Office. Jimmy Carter,Ronald Reagan,Bill Clinton and George W. Bush had no foreign policy experience before becoming President. None. Two of them were Democrats and two were Republicans. The nation survived their lack of foreign policy expertise. In fact,these men reached the pinnacle of their Presidency in the field of foreign policy. Whether it was President Carter forging peace between Israel and Egypt or President Reagan winning the Cold War or President Bush dismantling the radical Islamist regime which supported Al Queda in Afghanistan,these men were able to succeed precisely because they had been governors. Governors are accustomed to making executive decisions. This is crucial when sitting in the Oval Office. Should I ever be called upon to make decisions on our nation’s security,I will be prepared. When Saddam Hussein invaded Kuwait and was getting ready to invade Saudi Arabia,which if added to Iraq’s supply of oil would have given him half of the world’s oil supply, Mr. Biden voted NO to going to war against the tyrant who would have held the West and the rest of the civilized world hostage to his demands. That’s the real difference between the Senator and I. If I’m ever called upon to be the Commander in Chief I will be prepared. If Senator Biden ever becomes Commander in Chief he will purchase an Arabian/English dictionary so he can learn to say, “I surrender” in Arabic.”