A Matter of Doctrines

Foreign policy is an attitude, not qualifications for champion of a game show.

In the interview with Gibson, Sarah defused every bomb he tossed at her. They both did a good job, and a service to us all, for now we know much more about her, in her own words, rather than the words of so, so many others.

As for the Bush Doctrine, Sarah’s response to the ambiguous question exposed her stance: she is not a member of the Bush camp. And her responses on foreign policy, even though edited, are enough to demonstrate that she aligns with frontrunner McCain. So in that vein, she has succeeded in distancing both of them from an association to Bush policies. And she did it without uttering a single word of criticism for their own party’s unpopular incumbent, which could be frowned upon. Clever, and once again, criticism of her backfires. Instead of defusing that bomb, she tosses it over the fence into the opposition’s camp.

Hearing Sarah’s responses on foreign policy, it appears she aligns more with the Reagan Doctrine. For those unfamiliar with the Reagan Doctrine, look up Momar Kadafi. Then consider his long absence from our daily news. Thanks to the Reagan Doctrine.

In studying Obama, his domestic plans and worldview, it appears he aligns more with the Carter Doctrine. For those unfamiliar with the Carter Doctrine, look up Iran Hostage Crisis.

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