4th Circuit Court of Appeals has 4 vacancies right now. Do we want it to become like the 9th Circuit?

The first order of business under Obama would be to fill all Circuit Court judicial vacancies ASAP. This will be easy with a Large Senate Majority and the White House. We cannot let this happen…because…

“The balance of appointments could put solid Democratic majorities under Obama on the 2nd, the 3rd and the notoriously conservative 4th Circuit, which currently has four vacancies. It would add to the existing Democratic-appointed majorities in the liberal 9th Circuit.

Obama appointees would tip another four courts, the 1st, 7th, 11th and D.C. circuits to slight Democratic-majority appointments.” — Russell Wheeler, Brookings Institute interviewed by the National Law Review.

Currently there are 56 total announced vacancies (about 7%) in the US Courts. Why do you think all these vacancies are left open for so long. This is the left’s plan for change.


By the way, only the 9th Circuit Court of Appeals is constantly overturned by the Supreme Court for radical rulings. Do we want the other courts to follow the 9th Circuit’s lead?

This also from the National Law Journal and Brookings Institute….

“Republican presidents have appointed more than half of the current 179 federal appellate judges, but that could rise dramatically to 74 percent if Sen. John McCain wins the presidency, or give Democrats a 56 percent majority in appointments if Sen. Barack Obama prevails.”


Here’s the point. We stop Obama. We have options.We put McCain in the presidency and hopefully someone like Thompson in the Attorney Generals office and we can push Pelosi and Reid around some. We can also possibly influence McCain.

We don’t stop Obama and we have to completely rely on Justice Kennedy to stop all the crazy legislation of a Liberal Government as well as the activist decisions of the newly left leaning Lower Courts.

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