Has Palin and Biden added more to this election than any two VP's in recent history?

The purpose of this diary is to make the case that this election was transformed by both VP selections.

Sarah changed everything by being everything I thought was lacking in politics. Average Joe changed everything by actually causing me to rush to Drudgereport everyday to see what fun new quotes I could wrap my head around. Face it, they are both more fascinating than either McCain or Obama.

Sarah is actually the first national politician in my lifetime (post Reagan) that I want to hear interviewed one on one. She has made woman like my Mom, sisters, and wife passionate about politics again. We all hope that her presence on the ticket eventually puts an end to both Obama’s and Hillary’s careers. God that would be GREAT!!!

But where Sarah adds the much needed conservative touch to this election, Biden adds the much needed laughter. I too spent too much time watching the polls. Even after Sarah’s selection I watched the numbers rise and fall. Things got better, then worse, then better again to the point that now I wish we could pass a McCain-Feingold anti-polling legislation and prohibit polling a month before the election. *Yet through all the ups and downs of poll watching Joe Biden has been my one constant, my rock. *

What would this election be without Joe??

I woke up this morning to his “No coal for you” and his “Franklin Roosevelt got on television and didn’t just talk about the, you know, the princes of greed, he said, “Look, here’s what happened.” comments.

What would we do to relieve the daily stress of endless talking heads, polls, and analysis?!?

I still crack up laughing everytime I think of him trying to get the paralyzed guy in the wheelchair to “Stand up for Obama”.

The guy is absolutely hilarious. Little words of wisdom from the Average Joe to lift your conservative spirits, make you laugh, and drive Barry nuts. This is the trifecta. Poor Barry is wondering what he did to deserve this.

You have to admit, he has the uncanny ability to make news, no matter how much the top of his ticket doesn’t want him to. He is effectively stealing the limelight from Obama. He is a special vice-presidential candidate.

Even Rush has started the SOB, Save our Biden campaign.

I believe that these are the two most influential and interesting Vice-Presidential Candidates of the modern times.

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