It's harvest time, year-round.

This internet age has been very good to us conservatives.

It has produced a very competent “Army of Davids”, to rise up and challenge the “Goliath” SCM. These “Davids” also provide a blanket of security for the “Army of Farmers” who labor tirelessly for long hours in ripened fields to reap a harvest of very big, very important news stories every day. They are all doing a fantastic job respectively, but my concern is with the extremely fast pace of the harvest. There are scads of unharvested bushels of grain kernels left laying on the ground.

We now need an “Army of Gleaners”, to maximize the crop yield.

Here’s one kernel to provide an example:

Google up (images) -obama blocks reggie love- Do you remember that photo?  The one that Robert Gibbs proudly paraded around at a recent press conference? Gibbs also mentioned that the photo was prominently displayed in the West Wing. Later, another reporter remarked that it was “Barack’s favorite photo.”

I, personally, find that little nugget hugely fascinating.

Obama isn’t concerned with real achievement. We all know that. It’s the “appearance of”, and “credit for” parts that he desires above all else. I would think that with all of his Hollywood contacts, he would have access to all of the talents and abilities to provide him a memorable shot of himself slam dunking a basketball. A cool shot like that would only require a few ace photographers, technical advisers, a mini-trampoline, some safety harnesses, and a green screen. This could easily be done in a days worth of shooting, and then leave it to the wizards at ILM  to crop out the trampoline, the harness, and paint in a roaring, admiring crowd.

He could have gone that route, but he’s a little easier to please than I thought.

He loves that photo because it depicts him doing what really rocks his little world. Namely, the act of preventing someone else from accomplishing something. What’s more, it doesn’t seem to bother him in the least that he is shown brazenly committing two personal fouls against Reggie in the process.

Granted, I’m not a psychologist, but I’d like to think that I possess enough discernment to recognize a few troubling indicators when I see em’.  Whats really bothersome to me is the number, and frequency of troubling indicators.

By now, many of you have already seen the video clip of the interview with Oprah, where he gives himself a B+ grade, in a rare moment of faux humility…. Wow.

May God help us all.