While Obama talks Americans conserve by cutting back driving

According to this article, in June 2008 Americans drove 4.7% fewer miles than in June 2007. Some of the biggest drops are in popular vacation states. While a certain well known Presidential candidate is going on vacation in Hawaii, it seems that other Americans are cancelling their vacation plans because of high gasoline prices.

Obama is lecturing us on conservation?

Waving tire gauges in the American people’s face is all very well. It could help to save a small amount of oil. According to a public service ad run by the Energy Department in 1991, proper tire inflation could save Americans just 50,000 barrels per day.

However, Americans are already cutting back, and according to the latest weekly petroleum status report (pdf ), we have cut our oil consumption by nearly 600,000 barrels a day since this time last year. We’re obviously doing a lot more than just inflating our tires. People are driving less, airlines are cutting flights and truckers are driving slower.

We need a pragamtic energy policy which will do everything practical to get prices down. Conservation is a part of that, but its not enough. We need more production, and that means a Republican in the White House.