Andrew Breitbart was wrong when he said

“This is war! We conservatives are not taking it anymore!  

When you go to war you use your best and we clearly aren’t doing that.

This isn’t war this isn’t even a dress rehersal. Does anyone believe any of these guys will be around in four more years?

There is no sense of urgency never mind war. We seem to be so out of touch within our own party which makes sense when there isn’t a leader to pull everyone together.

What if a war was declared and nobody came now that seems to be more accurate.

President Obama really doesn’t have to campaign because we are doing all the heavy lifting by not offering a qualified candidate who has the backing of republicans. Thanks for the free pass!

We don’t even like our own candidates and we are trying to pass them off to the american voter. Who are we kidding? Not the voters? Mitt is a great stand in until we find our real leader at least he looks presidential but it is quite certain we will lose with any of the candidates by a large margin.

Until we have a leader who has our support then there is nothing more to talk about. I know going up against an incumbent is an uphill battle but isn’t it worth trying? Don’t we owe the american people at least this?

Which one of these candidates could beat Hillary Clinton? Not one of them, in fact it wouldn’t even be close.

The economy will be in much better shape than it is now so we can’t use that which means we have to come up with ideas that excite the american people. Who in our party has these inspirational and innovative ideas and why are they not running for President?

George Will has it right as did William Buckley when he described this type of situation as constructive defeat and in my opinion it can’t unfold fast enough.

Step 1  Find a qualified candidate

I know within our party the next great president is waiting to take on the challenge of restoring republican principals I just wish we had him or her now because we should be at war win or lose.