It seems the Democrats are running to win the Presidency and the Republicans are running to win the religious right.

Well if that’s true then I think we will win. It has been stated that we only have ourselves to blame, well as I always ask are these candidates for the presidency the best we’ve got? We can only vote for candidates who are running for president so I don’t know if you can blame it all on us.

Whenever Mr. Santorum opens his mouth he is seen as a religious extremist and a hypocrite then add a little slut comment to it from a “loving republican Christian” commentator and what do you create?

The average voter thought these days were behind us but thanks to these two we have no chance in heaven of beating Obama and we don’t deserve to because our best do not believe they can beat Obama and have decided to wait four more years.

Let’s face it our best candidates must be waiting for next time. (Unless there aren’t any candidates waiting on the sidelines)

I guarantee you the economy will be in much better shape by the time Ms Clinton runs and maybe Ms Palin will be prepped by that time. lol

Oh yes the McCain/Palin ticket here again we offered the best Republicans have to offer. What has happened to our party?

Mitt who is a watered down republican and Newt with all his baggage and forget about Gov Perry what is his hunting camp called something like  ——head. I can’t even print it and some of you think he has or had a chance of winning the highest office in the land?

Our party seems to have run out of new ideas and hasn’t evolved I presume because we are stuck in an echo chamber that keeps repeating the same very old ideas WAKE UP we have to evolve and quit looking back at Reagan and the”good old days”.

Does anyone really believe we can beat President Obama with these candidates and the negative tone emanating from the Republican strategy which seems to be Obama bad Republicans good without any visionary ideas to inspire the American voters?


Just a few pieces of advice from someone who wants the Republican party to be strong again.

1 A perceived separation of church and state would be helpful. In other words I don’t need a politician to tell me about religious affairs or morals. Please leave that to me.

2. The tone of  the party is too negative and not inspiring at all. (The party of NO comes to mind)

We can’t blame the president for all the problems we face even though that takes less effort. We have to inspire voters with innovative ideas. We have to work for it.

3. Put more effort in finding the next great president. Companies do it why shouldn’t the Republican party?

The last election and this one prove the party establishment is doing just fine without going to any trouble of finding a qualified candidate to represent us.

4. It seems we need more than a facelift we need to examine what we really believe in and throw out the rest if we ever want to be competitive and useful to our country. We as a party have to evolve and quit reminiscing about the good old days.

I think this may be the reason as to why we are not attracting any qualified candidates because it is getting harder to say the same old lines.

We will not win this election with these candidates and these ideas and that’s a good thing We are trying to win this on the cheap and it isn’t working. Yes all your friends say President Obama is terrible but step out of the echo chamber and you will see President Obama is winning easily due to our inability to evolve. Look for a landslide which is the best medicine for a party submitting a gallery of uninspiring amateurs.