After Newt gives Mitt that well deserved pink slip he’s going to announce Dr. Condoleezza Rice as his running mate.

The universally respected Dr. Rice has everything you could want in a running mate and these two could confidently go up against the Obama/Clinton ticket and win.

Dr. Rice has the integrity, intelligence, and experience to make Newt whole.

Speaker Gingrich has found his groove and all the money in the world is not going to hold him back from winning the nomination.

Let them all pile on in Florida but ironically it will be the religious right and power brokers playing the part of Goliath to Newt’s David and we know how that ended.

The truth is Joe voter wants someone who is unapologetic for his or her conservative views, backed by passion.

Mr. Romney lacks both he really should be running as an independent which would only help define his philosophy.

It seems Speaker Gingrich has so much baggage that it has cancelled itself out and is no longer an issue with the common voter.

Dr. Rice is universally respected and that’s something Newt needs more of.

Speaker Gingrich will beat Romney but not Obama if he chooses a standard boring running mate which is why he should choose Dr.Rice who has the qualifications and the temperament to slip into the role of vice president and President.

Dr. Rice on the ticket is a game changer and by the way she’s black which makes it very hard to pin the race card on Newt or Republicans as some do.

But this is the best part she’s a she. That’s right Dr.Rice is a woman so that might attract a few angry female voters Newt wouldn’t normally get.

The choice of Dr. Rice as his running mate is brilliant and a masterstroke.