Newt was simply amazing and will coast to the nomination in my opinion. The debates really work for him and now all can see that this is the guy to go up against President Obama.

How did Newt transform all that “baggage” into votes?

I am in awe that anyone could resurrect themselves the way he has, but I guess in politics anything can happen

How is it that any bad press he gets helps him?

Newt has supplied the sizzle that many were looking for.

Can you imagine the amount of money pouring in after last night’s debate?


Now we have some excitement and the ideas to back them up which will attract Americans from both parties which is a must because God knows this is an uphill battle.

Last night’s performance by Newt was perfect and the only heavy hits he took were from Santorum who looked great but will drop out soon because of money and not enough support.

Romney really can’t battle someone like Newt or President Obama he just isn’t comfortable because he doesn’t know who he is or what he really believes.

As Eric recommended, Perry dropping out and endorsing Newt was a wise move and wonderful timing.

The coronation plans of Mitt Romney have come to a screeching halt thanks to the debates, Newt peaking at just the right time, and especially the media. (Thanks John King and ABC) oh and former Mrs Gingrich. Can you say backfired

Now we really have someone who we can rally behind and WIN.

You really can’t say that about Mr 15%  the great impostor. Cheers