this is a two man race like it or not. We don’t need South Carolina to tell us again that Gov. Perry can’t improve on his 6% average in the polls.


Supporters have their heads in the sand if they believe Gov. Perry can perform on the national or international stage, he just isn’t ready and will be out within days as he has certainly already decided to be the “kingmaker”as Eric so eloquently pointed out.


Romney and Gingrich are the two we should be focusing on and not wasting our time on candidates who are involved in a dress rehearsal.

This election is too important to waste so let’s focus on the two who don’t need training wheels and let the other three get on with their lives.


What’s the hurry you may ask? We have to prepare the two remaining candidates for a battle that will almost be impossible to win and that’s the presidency.


Do we really have the luxury of taking our time waiting for a miracle? We should be battling Obama not each other and the sooner we start the better.


Our frontrunner does not always come across as genuine and yet Mr. Romney is doing extremely well.

He needs to be vetted and to work on that glass jaw of his because we all know the intense pressure the democrats and the media will inflict on him if he win’s our support.

Let’s face it Romney isn’t a true conservative and generally we all feel the same way about him and that is he’s an opportunist but has quite successfully learned how to run a campaign and look electable.

Perry has real supporters who love him while Romney only attracts opportunists and supporters desperate to win the presidency back at any costs.

Gingrich has all kinds of baggage that you can point to without a doubt.

In fact he has more baggage than all the candidates put together excluding Ron Paul lol but after seeing him in action I’m starting to believe that he is our only hope if he can separate the past and be “reborn” and I believe that is possible but certainly not easy.

If he can transform himself then we will really have a chance of winning the hearts and minds of the voters.

Let’s face it between Romney and Gingrich we know who the true conservative is and we know who can go up against President Obama in a debate.

If Romney makes us feel uneasy imagine how the average voter must feel. He is the great imposter in many ways

and he can’t beat Obama despite what the polls say.  Newt is it

We may ultimately lose with Gingrich but we will at least be able to sleep at nights knowing we had a candidate who could stand up to Obama and fight like hell to remind americans why we are republicans. Cheers