And the winner is........

In my opinion Newt aced it and Romney earned a respectable second place. The others I think are on their way out except for Paul.

Newt really shows why he is the better candidate especially against Romney who despite his success does not seem to know what he believes in yet.

Perry I think will bow out next week. I don’t think the Danny Pearl comment worked at all and I’m sure many cringed at that as well as listening to the hunting adventures of Romney. Just not believable which is a problem for him.


Paul of course only added to his problems by saying he would have preferred to have take Osama Bin Laden alive.

I think Newt won the battle but may lose the war because of Romney’s momentum but we will see.

Santorum made a few good points but I think he lacks the exposure to really get his message out. We really need more debates so that we can compare candidates rather than from the talking heads.

I really hope Newt stays in and at the very least sharpens up Romney for the barrage of negative ads coming his way as the presidential nominee.

Huntsman dropping out has really left me frustrated simply because I don’t think some these candidates even think they have a chance of becoming President and will fold at the earliest moment.


Tonight has given me hope that the coronation can at least be postponed and I think everyone wins if this goes on much longer.