I didn't take long to weaken a Nation

Not even 24 hours into the Obama’s presidency,  he has stopped the Trials at Gitmo. The Confessed Terrorist Trial has been stopped for 120 days.  According to Fox News the 9/11 victims family’s are outraged as well they should be.  It should not be a surprise that the bleeding heart liberals are more concerned for the rights of confessed, unapologetic terrorists that they are for the victims of the crimes.  Sheik Barack Hussein Obama wants to Start fresh with the Muslim “Religion of Peace” Community so come on everybody get on board, lets change our motto from “9/11 we will Never Forget” to “9/11 forgive and forget”.   I hope that wasn’t to sarcastic.

One another note:  Sheik Obama’s Ceremony was the most expensive in US history. During his speech, which was more of a boring lecture, he told all of us of the sacrifices we must make.  If he had any real credibility he should have lead the way and scaled back his events.  it’s called leading by example. But that’s not in a liberals nature.

Just in. US Census Bureau announces the following. The uninformed, ignorant, lazy and stupid have reach an all time high number in this country of 66,883,230

Numbers of actual credible Journolists in the country dropped to 4