Loss YES Defeat NO

With this election season at a close and almost a complete loss, even though the democracts probably wont get the 60 seats they needed in the senante, We can take solice the fact the starting January 1. Obama and his congress will have the burdun of everything that happens being layed at thier feet. No longer with a President bush to kick around and no one else to blame the spotlight will be shining strait at the democratics.

The People that we have seen that have such high expectation for thier president, some saying that they won’t have to worry about the mortgage and gas for her car. Will probably be feelig a little disapointed that they got fooled again.

Hopefully someone smartter than I will post a web site where we can track the promises that obama made and so we can publish the reults of those promices to the people, so we can track his back track and flip floping.

Obama now has a choice. Lead from the center and have the lefties cry foul or move to the left and risk the center getting mad. We already no that once the congrees goes in session we will see nancy piglosi and Scary Harry ried try to drag obama back to the left where he has been all of his life. If he can’t navigate that then he wiil be a four term president and will play a big role in reversing what you have seen tonight.

Don’t be sacred abought this, the liberials are going to call this a land slide, which it it not, and will try to over reach and pull as hard left as they can. Liberial Scoicializm never triumphs conservitism.

We have a job to do now and we should take just as seriossly as the one we just finished. Sarah Palin is out there is the wings and I belive she will be ready in 2012.

Take tomorrow off and morn. But the next day start new and start fresh

And if all this dosn’t work please join me in passing the Impeach Obama bumper stickers out.