McCain is now within 3 points of Obama

Check the new CBS poll. Polling voters after Sarah’s clutch performance at the debate, McCain/Palin is now within 3 points of Team BarryJo.

Here’s the link [http://www.cbsnews.com/stories/2008/10/06/opinion/polls/main4504633.shtml]

Keep on charging! McCain/Palin supporters have nothing to lose by going all our. Our guy fought for his country. Their guy had summits with known terrorists as recently as 1995.


Our guy is the most qualified candidate. Period.

Their guy is a lot of psychobabble fluff. Psychobabble has yet to win a single war. And our enemies do want to kill Americans. Barry may not believe it. He may even have a few terrorists as friends. But they are planning to hit Europe, hit Israel, hit the U.S., and hit every democracy in the world that doesn’t bend the knee to their god.

Please, for the love of our great country, do not quit now!