When Americas "Manliness" started to fade.

So, what has spawned this generation of “men” that we see in 2016 America?  The term of the day is snowflake, and we see them in college and in the business world.  They are biologically grown men but seem to have the attitude of 11 year old boys.  What happened?

In my opinion, the “snowflakes” we see today are the second generation of American males that have never been tested by the real world.  They believe feelings are more important than action and if a small group is protesting, the entire society must change to accommodate that group.  I saw one of these “men” on a program last night almost frothing at the mouth talking about “swastikas everywhere” and how we must address the problem with a national program.  When pressed, he finally admitted of one case of a swastika on a college wall.  Get that? One case and from his rant, you would think the railroad cars were being lined up to load Jews.  Again, what has happened to America?

I believe what has brought about the male “snowflakes” we see today is the ending of the Draft by Nixon on Jan 27, 1973. Nixon gave in to a small group, compared to the size of the population, of anti-war protesters and got rid of the draft. As a result, we are now 43 years and two generations of men that think allegiance to America is an out dated philosophy.  Do you really think a college in 1959 would have gotten away with removing the U.S. flag because they saw it as a symbol of division?

Quick story: Four of us grew up in the poor side of town. Talking about beans & tortillas as our main diet and two pair of hand-me-down jeans saw me through high school. Our little group talked about which service to go into right after High School because we were all fit, it was our duty, and it was a way to get out of that little town.  One went Navy, the other three of us went Army. All three of us that went into the Army served in Vietnam. Result after service?

Navy friend got a great job at the railroad thanks to his Navy training. My friend that was wounded in Vietnam recovered and went to officer’s training school, retired as a Major and had a long career with the border patrol. Mike became an Army medic and went to school after his service and became an X-Ray Tech. I never went back to that poor neighborhood. I had seen the world was larger than our dusty town and met people that had been raised under worst conditions doing well and getting on with life. I educated myself and had a great career in the electrical distribution/transmission industry.

This is not about troop strength, there will always be brave men and women that are willing to serve.  And it is not about social engineering and breaking up urban gangs, but that is one result.  This is about the testing of our men or the lack thereof.

We joined or were drafted, stood in the sun, saluted our flag, had a drill instructor yell in our face, had our physical and emotional “manliness” tested.  Some went to war, some to Germany/Korea and some spent their entire service in the U.S.  But we all stood in line, served and spent two, three, or four years away from our families.

We came out the other side of our service, not flag waving super patriots, but grown men that had been tested and knew we could stand on our own two feet.  But, 43 years after the draft ended, we have a generation of “men” that concerns themselves with what sex a person wants to be.  Is our flag a symbol of racism?  What words will hurt our feelings and how many counselors do we bring in because the other guy won an election. “Snowflakes” is to tame a word for these “men”.

Where will we be in another 43 years if we continue to turn our boys into men that believe their personal feelings are more important than their country?   We are a nation of 320 million but little by little, we are being transformed into a nation of men that will cower and beg when the day comes that a power, internal or external, wishes to take us over.

In my opinion, it all started in 1973, when the draft was ended and the “Manliness” of America was never again tested.