A brief overview of how we got here.

Democrats:  Wanted a socialist, female candidate.  Hillary ran for and got the nomination based on “it is my turn”.  Her campaign slogan should be: “Vote for the V because it is about time.   Hillary continues to promise everything to whichever group she happens to be in front of her.  Any day, just as FDR did when standing in front of a crowd of unemployed in the 1930s, Hillary will promise “A chicken in every pot.”


Media:  The media has spent the last few decades portraying all Republicans in Washington as evil and corrupt.   They have been so successful voters saw every politician on the Republican stage as part of the problem and only an “outsider” could be trusted to fix Washington.  The way the Media did this was to use its double edged sword.  On one hand they over reported trivial incidents involving Republicans and under reported, or did not report at all, incidents involving Democrats.


Republicans:  Convinced all politicians were crooks and America would never give Obama policies a third term, the majority of voters did not bother to vote in the primaries.  The few that did vote were convinced only someone that knew nothing about government or governing, an “outsider” could fix Washington—Trump won the nomination.  (Here in Georgia, only 19% of registered Republicans voted in the primaries—source, my county chair)


Result:  One of the most damaged and inexperienced candidates, besides Obama, is ahead in the race for President.  Hillary has more baggage than LAX on a Monday morning and only an “outsider” like Trump could have made her the leader.  It is no wonder Hillary smiled a lot in the last debate.


Here we are in the last precious weeks before the election and Trump continues to talk about incidents that have nothing to do the real issues facing America. And when he does talk about the issues, he makes such grand, sweeping promises I am surprised the audience does not laugh him off the stage.  His promises are so outrageous, he should just say: “Hope and Change Part 2”.


It is the confluence, or perfect storm if you will, that looks like it is going to give us a President Hillary.  Because America, on both sides, has fallen for the media hype.  On Election Day, we do not have a choice of the most qualified but rather a choice of which one will damage the nation the least.

(By the way, if Hillary wins, a sleep over and coffee at the White House will be $250,000 per night.  Donated to the Clinton foundation to help poor kids around the world of course.)