Trump: An unfiltered man.

Here at RedState, over the course of the last year and one-half, people have devoted countless words trying to figure out who and what type of person is Trump.  Trump is the type of person, and we all know someone just like him, that has no filter between what he thinks and what he says.  Having no filter, he believes everything he thinks and says must be taken as truth by those around him.  This is one reason he cannot let go of the beauty queen story that currently plagues his campaign.   What I mean can best be illustrated with an example.


We are talking and I make the statement: “I am a lucky man.  I have an intelligent, beautiful daughter that is the love of my life.”  I proceed to show you a picture of my daughter.  You have never met my daughter, you don’t know me and only have what I just said.  What is your comment when I hand you the photo?


A normal person might respond with:

Beautiful girl.  You are a very lucky guy. Seems lovely, or any number of nice things.  Even if you think she looks like a chewed on dog bone, you take my feelings into consideration and here in the South might say: “Well, bliss your heart.”


An unfiltered person might look at the photo and not finding her up to their standards of beauty or caring about my feelings might say:

I just don’t think she is that good looking.  What makes you think she is so intelligent?  You must have pretty low standards of beauty and intelligence.


The normal person knows that saying something nice cost them nothing and the conversation with me can continue, which is the main point to start with.  The unfiltered person does not care how I feel and has stated their opinion.  Once stated, they will defend it, even if the cost is the loss of my friendship.


Donald J. Trump is an unfiltered person.  Or, as some of his supporters might argue, he says what he thinks.  Being a billionaire CEO, you can get by with being unfiltered.  Who is going to argue with you?  But, when running for office, an unfiltered person sets his own traps and then steps into them, demanding that others see the world his way.  A normal person, confronted with what he said about the beauty queen 20 years ago would have said: “I did say that and have regretted it ever since.  If I hurt her feelings, I would like to take this opportunity to apologize.”  At that point, the problem is resolved and other subjects more important to the voter can be discussed.  But, the unfiltered Trump cannot and will not let it go or admit that he is said or did anything wrong, even if the cost is the Presidency.


The unfiltered person knows he is always correct and seeks extraordinary answers to why other people do not agree with him.  To Trump, those that do not automatically agree with him are not treating him fairly and the process must be rigged against him.  This thinking does not matter if the unfiltered person is your next door neighbor but should Trump gain the Presidency, it is a dangerous trait in someone with the enormous powers of the Presidency behind him.


If Trump becomes our next President, sites such as RedState will only gain in popularity as the nation watches him spend four years demanding the nation bend to his way of thinking—–unfiltered.