Why Obama says Christians and ISIS are the same thing.

Making everything equal is the exercise of lawyers and those that see themselves as intellectuals, which in the case of Obama, he is both.


Years ago, I was a juror on a trail of a gruesome murder.  We found him guilty and voted for the death penalty.  It took 22 years’ worth of appeals but that monster was finally gotten off this planet.   It was not the murders that have stayed with me, it was the defense put on by his lawyers.  He tried to convince us that this monster could not help himself because of his upbringing.  As his upbringing was described, it dawned on me that I had a worse upbringing than he did and have harmed on one.


So, why do so many people buy into the narrative that A=B and all things are really equal?  Obama didn’t say it in these words but I honestly believe he thinks ISIS cannot help itself because WE use the words Islamic Terrorist and therefore “cause” otherwise peaceful people to take up arms—-A=B.


All of this started when Sigmund Freud said that all human action can be explained if we know the root cause of that action.  We don’t say that a dog bites because of his upbringing, all dogs have teeth and are capable of biting, even your tiny lap dog that has been babied its whole life.  But, we do believe that humans are different and there must be a cause for every action.


Those that see themselves as intellectuals seized on Mr. Freud’s idea and immediately started to justify their fellow man’s actions, it was and remains a boon to lawyers.  I could go on but in short and to the left, everything has a root cause and is therefore excusable.  To the intellectual, Black Lives Matter is justified and understandable because 156 years ago, there were salves in this nation.  ISIS is justified and understandable because of the crusades 800 years ago and that some people say “mean” things about Muslims.


To the elitist intellectual (Obama), there is no right or wrong when it comes to human nature.  We just need to “understand” the cause behind their actions.  When nothing is right or wrong, everything is justified and excusable.  Regardless of the issue, transgender, gay marriage, ISIS, abortion, illegal immigrants, race relations or any other you care to name, it is we, the great unwashed that do not “understand”.   The “intellectuals” among us must come to our rescue and show us our foolish ways.


The problem with this thinking is that the great intellectuals suffer no consequences from their understanding.  I have yet to hear of illegal immigrants moving next door to Nancy Pelosi or of an American ISIS terrorist being anywhere near a major politician.  Nor have I heard of a murderer or rapist going after a MSM personality that championed his cause.


We need to shake off the aura of “understanding” that has plagued this nation for so many decades and realize that as was said in a Batman movie: “Some people just like to watch the world burn.”  If we do not quit being so understanding of abnormal behavior, the day will come when abnormal behavior become the normal and all of us will suffer.   And yes Mr. Obama, there is a marked difference between Christians and ISIS.   While all Christians and ISIS members have teeth, Christians are like a sleepy lapdog while ISIS is a junk yard hound that likes to bite.