As a Hispanic: What I don't like about politicians.

Before getting into why I don’t like how politicians try to win over the Hispanic vote, it is important to understand why the Democrats have owned the black vote for over fifty years.  And it is for one simple reason.


In the United States, there existed state sanctioned discrimination aimed at the blacks.  And, there is a large group of blacks that remember the white’s only signs, separate lunch counters, separate schools and separate swimming pools.  Those now grandparents have passed on their memories to younger generations and the Democrats will have 90% or better of the black vote for many years to come.  Or at least until the generation that lived under state sanctioned discrimination passes away.


It is not a question of which political party sponsored the discrimination, it is enough to know the Democrats have been successful in using the memory of state sanctioned discrimination to scare the black population into overwhelmingly supporting their party.


The problem for the politicians in 2016 and years to come is that the black population is no longer the largest minority in the United States, we Hispanics now hold that position.  If trends continue, the black population will continue to diminish while the Hispanic population will continue to increase.  Politicians are also well aware of the apathy of the average American voter and know that an overwhelming vote by a minority group can swing state and national elections, and there lay the problem for politicians.  How to form Hispanics into a strong voting block as the black population continues to shrink?


As stated, the Democrats have been successful in scaring the black population with the memories of past ills but they have no such weapon to use in order to secure the Hispanic vote.  There has been discrimination against Hispanics and such discrimination continues but it has never been state sanctioned discrimination.  The Democrats have a problem—-what to do?


In this presidential election, the Democrats are trying to use Trumps words against him by saying he wants to deport illegal immigrants but that isn’t working since illegals cannot vote.  The other problem with that is that most Hispanics, myself included, have been in this country for generations, my Great, Great Grandfather was born in Texas.  The Democrats, with the help of Trumps rhetoric, might win a percentage of votes but not in the numbers they need to swing a state—-what to do?


Here is the part I do not like about condescending, elitist, politicians.   In order to endear themselves to a group of people they do not understand, they shower us with a flood of ignorant and arrogant statements.  Take for example Hillary making saying “I think a taco stand on every corner is a good idea, sounds delicious” and the photograph of Trump enjoying a taco bowl.  “They are just trying to connect with the Hispanics” you might say.  But would they endear themselves to the black population by eating watermelon and tap dancing?  At least neither one has tired giving a speech in an attempt to speak Spanish, equally insulting.  I did not like it when Jackie Kennedy did it and I still consider it an insult.


The way to win the Hispanic vote is not to treat us like some strange group of people with special needs, treat us as Americans.  True, most of us speak two languages but that does not mean we don’t have the same concerns as any other American.  We want a secure, peaceful nation where we can find jobs and provide for our families, just like any other American.  Black Lives Matter does not represent ALL of the blacks in this nation and the people waving Mexican flags do not represent ALL Hispanics.


The Hispanics in this nation know that if we were not such a large group, the politicians would not pay attention to us and we would just be another small minority.  If a politician wants our vote, talk to us like the true Americans we are and not like victims or children that only you can coddle and appease.  The idiotic attempts by politicians to understand us and to connect with us comes off as elitist, condescending, arrogant, and ignorant.