Hillary and her server: Equivalent to Nixon personally leading the break-in at the Watergate.

Keep in mind this is the same person that worked on the committee investigating President Nixon.  Watergate was about a third rate break-in and 18 minutes of missing conversation. (Nixon was under no obligation to do the recordings.)


First she tired being ignorant of all of the new-fangled technology: Do you mean wipe the server with a cloth?

Then she tired blaming others: Colin Powell said it would be OK

The nothing there routine:  30,000 deleted emails dealt with yoga and my daughter’s wedding and nothing to do with Secretary of State.

The “not marked” excuse: I guess I can ignore emails from HR unless they are marked urgent or “read this.”

Back to blaming others: Her staff did it.

Back to being a dizzy grandma: It was for convenience (translation: I am too old and ignorant of technology to use more than one device.)

And finally, back to “nothing was marked as classified”

(I am leaving things off this list)


Common sense tells you that since other nations have entire divisions doing nothing but trying to infiltrate computers in the U.S., her entire unsecured server exist in multiple locations.   If she is elected, look for most favorite nation status to be granted to those nations that did copy her server.


Question: I know how and why she is not being prosecuted but how can someone this arrogant still be the front runner for President?  Nixon resigned because he no longer wanted to see the nation so divided, Hillary would burn the place down if it enriched her and her husband.


The Democrats are left with voting for a person that truly believes she is above the law and will continue the “transformation” of America into becoming a third world nation.  And we have Trump, a carnival barker of the first order, who is running for President based on the notion that he is an “outsider” and knows nothing about government, so the GOP is equally screwed.  The Hillary and Trump supporters, and perhaps the entire nation given the social issues we are discussing, has gone insane.