Obama's first billion: How he will "earn" it.

1.  Soon after leaving office, he will receive a 200 million dollar advance on a book dealing with his Presidency.  Working titles include:


From community organizer to President in 3 easy steps.

Who ever said being elected President was hard?

How to be President for eight years and not be responsible for anything.

How to give grandiose speeches and say nothing.

The Presidency:  My years of on-the-job training


  1. After an eight year apprenticeship under the tutelage of Sharpton, Obama and Michelle will emerge as the black leaders in America.  Their main goals in the coming years, at salaries of over $300,000 per year each, will include:


Have all black inmates not convicted of a felony released from prisons.

Reparations paid to each head of household in the amount of current

average wage times years since their ancestors were first brought to this

nation as slaves. (No proof needed by the applicant)

No police officer may approach a black person unless that person asked for

assistance or there is an immediate threat to life (other than the

shooter or the police officer).  Video must be provided otherwise the

police officer is to be immediately arrested for a civil right offence or

murder should a black person die because of the actions or inactions of

the police officer.

All schools, up to and including an advanced college degree shall be 100%

paid for if the applicant can show his ancestors have been in the

U.S. since at least 1920. (To include all living expenses, amount

depending on local cost of living.)

Any black, not convicted for a felony will be sentenced to community

service only and be paid for the time he spent in jail awaiting trail.

All convicted felons will have their arrest, trial, and sentence reviewed by

a three person panel made up of at least two black judges.


  1. Post President speeches:

The going rate for a 20 minute speech will be $200,000 plus expenses.  Unless, the Obama’s return home to either—Washington D.C. or New York and Michelle is elected Senator.  In this case, speeches go to $500,000.


Before January 2017, Obama will sign a bill raising a Presidents retirement to $200,000 per year.


I think this combination will easily get Barry his first Billion within 10 years, don’t you? (Forgot to add in the charity which they will surely start within one year of leaving office)