2046: My granddaughter at age 40

As I held my two week old granddaughter and looked into those perfect little eyes, I thought about which America she will live in by the time she is 40.  Will she live in a country where she is free to educate herself, live where she wants, and build her life as she sees fit?  Or will her America be a daily battle of standing in lines because this is the day the government trucks deliver bread or toilet paper to the local distribution center?


It has taken us fifty-two years, starting with LBJs Great Society, to go from a nation of “if you don’t work, you don’t eat” to a nation where 90 million of us draw a check from the government for doing nothing except breathing.  From a nation of sensible border polices to being an open pipe where we give illegals coming into this country a better life then what they had in their native land. We have gone from being the economic powerhouse of the world as the rest of the world was struggling to recover from WWII to being a debtor nation, almost 20 trillion in debt with no end in sight.  We have gone from places of worship filled to overflowing, to Sundays where empty spaces outnumber worshipers.  From honoring and celebrating life to a nation that has aborted over 50 million since Roe Vs Wade.  We think so little of life the murder rate in Chicago is barely mentioned and a continuing abortion rate of 1 million per year barely raises an eyebrow.


As my granddaughter eyes locked with mine, these things and many more raced through my mind.   Most people reading this, I, my wife, and most of my friends will be gone by the time she is forty.  If we are remembered at all, we will a name in the family scrapbook, if that.  And even our next President, be it Hillary or Trump will be a paragraph or two in a history book, nothing more.


There is an old Spanish story about an industrious man that planted an olive orchard.  The man struggled and barely kept his family fed but he worked hard from dawn to dust on the trees.  When asked why he did not let the orchard go and provide a better life for his family, he said: “My grandchildren will reap the olives and be rich, they will stand on my shoulders and be giants in this world.”


We in 2016 seem to only be concerned with the here and now, the future be damned.  We keep saying we must do so and so or else our children and grandchildren will pay the price.  We have been saying that for so long our children and grandchildren are already here and in many cases, fully grown.  But, as soon as no one is paying attention, our politicians continue down the path that got us to this point.

We should take time to look into the eyes of your children and grandchildren, be they thirty or newborn like mine.  Ask yourself, is my comfort worth what they will suffer?  And do not doubt it, they will suffer if this nation continues on its current path.


As I held my granddaughter, it dawned on me that it is not too late.  Our founders never dreamed Americans would lay aside the most precious and rare gift they left us, the right to vote, but we have allowed apathy to set the direction of this nation–they would be ashamed of us.  From local to President, vote, and help guide this nation into a better future, it can still be done.  When you and I have turned to dust, our children will either praise our wisdom or damn us for having thrown away the great hope of humanity.


It is inescapable, time will pass, 2046 will get here and my granddaughter will find herself in a free and prosperous America or in line for whatever scrapes the government will be handing out—–the clock is ticking.  Get out and vote, help steer this nation away from dreams of a utopia that can never happen.  It does not hurt to sweat and do without.  Let’s work hard today to make sure our grandchildren are giants tomorrow.