The stage is set, the players assembled. This is about that feeling in the pit of your stomach.

But first, a short story:


A friend of mine, to make extra money, would capture live rattlesnakes and sell them to the University of New Mexico.  I went with him one day and he did something that rings true to our current political atmosphere.


Once the snake had coiled in defense, he would carefully walk up to the creature, remove his cowboy hat and while waving his hat to distract the snake, would go down on his knees.  The fearsome snake would fix on the moving hat and while it was distracted, he would carefully reach around and grab the snake from the back, pinning its head against the dirt.  Once captured, it was into the sack and shortly thereafter, off to the university where he was paid $25 per live rattlesnake.  Most often, he used proper equipment to capture snakes but liked to show off with the waving hat trick from time to time.


While watching the political goings on in this country of late, I was reminded of my friend and the waving hat.


Obama, Trump, Hillary, and the “Transformation of America”


Anyone that pays attention to international news and the financial situation in America will agree that our world is on fire.  In the meantime we are being distracted, to a person, about the latest Trump “outrage” and who belongs in which bathroom/shower room.


I am not given to conspiracies but by the time Obama leaves office, the Middle East will be in such turmoil the next President will have one of two choices, walk away or all-out war.   Doctors, Hospitals and insurance companies are getting on board with putting a single payer system in place to replace the Affordable Care Act.  We are almost 20 Trillion in debt and the government wants more for “infrastructure” with no one asking what happened to the “shovel ready” last trillion we approved for that purpose.  Millions of “anchor” children are crossing our southern border with the express purpose of getting here than demanding their parents and siblings be allowed to join them.  Europe is being invaded and within 10 years, a Muslim mayor or nation President will be commonplace.  Our military is being reduced to levels not seen since pre-WWII, and we all know how that turned out.  Planned Parenthood is fully funded and we continue to abort over 1 million per year.  “White” Americans are the new villains, and despite being the majority in this country, they should feel ashamed for our nation’s history.  Speaking of history, it is being rewritten or torn down, even as you read this diary.  In the meantime, we are being distracted with bathrooms and the choice of our next President being one of the three stooges—-What the Hell!


Paul Harvey once put out a piece titled “If I were the devil” in which he outlined how to bring the United States down.  It is well worth the read but Paul Harvey could not have imaged the things going on in today’s America.   We are not standing on the edge of a cliff, we are off the edge and in free fall.  Some would pin all their hopes on an elected “leader”, whichever party that may be, but we need to stop our fall, not slow it down.


In ancient Rome, right before it fell apart, their ruler made the statement that they could get away with anything as long as the people had “bread and circus” to keep them distracted, America is at that stage.  We must quit being distracted by the waving cowboy hat and elect politicians, at all levels that are constitutionalist.  More than that, we must elect politicians that have the good of this nation at heart and are not just looking to benefit themselves by establishing some crazy idea of a utopia.


The choice is ours, we need to get to the voting booth or else do not be surprised when your head is pinned to the ground and the battle is lost.  (Think you are not watching the hat?  Who is still talking about registering women for the draft?)