My fever has passed and I have to admit that Trump just might win the White House.

Clinton, Bush, and Perot were standing on a debate stage.  Clinton finished stating why he should be President when Perot looked at him and said: “Just because you can run the corner grocery doesn’t mean you can run Walmart.”  I thought it was one of the best lines in the campaign and very true but no one paid attention to the line and we got Clinton for eight years.


When Clinton won, I sat down and came to the conclusion that facts no longer mattered in the presidential race, only a phony presentation mattered.  I was proven correct again with Obama when the MSM and the public ignored his lack of qualifications and elected him, twice, to the Presidency.  The same can be said of Trump, just because he has amassed a fortune does not qualify him to run the nation, but no one is listening.


The difference between Clinton, Obama, and now Trump is that the first two at least tried to hide the fact they were unqualified, Trump rejoices in it and it is one of his main selling points.  The more misguided, ignorant, arrogant, and abrasive he is, the more people seem to like him.  He plays “the outsider” to the hilt and people cheer that he knows nothing about being President—-“it is just what we need.”    The same people that say such things would not trust their retirement account to a grocery clerk but they seem more than willing to turn over the nation to a know-nothing. 


If elected, Trumps administration will be a train wreck but the voters do not understand the office of the President and don’t care.  So, I have no doubt this nation is ignorant enough to elect Trump.  Only if it turns into a wreck like the Carter administration when we were in line for gasoline will the people admit that they voted for a charlatan.

(In a previous diary, I said I was done with the GOP, let me correct that statement.  I still believe in the GOP and will continue to work for and contribute to the Republican Party on a state and local level.  As for Trump, I could not sleep if I voted for Trump just for the sake of winning.  If we get Hillary, I can survive her and my principles will be intact.)