The GOP & Trump: Like being a nice guy and watching the pretty girl dance off with a guy you know to be a charlatan.

Ever since I worked for Goldwater when I was in high school, I have been a Republican.  In the decades since, I have always thought of the GOP as the party where sane, intelligent, people that cared about the constitution could unite and move this nation forward. 


I have always defended my party as the only political force that stood between this nation becoming another failed socialist experiment and remaining the hope of the world.  Surely the people would always chose reason and sound judgement over empty promises, but I was wrong.  Win or lose, it is hard to see my GOP so quickly sell its soul by getting behind Donald Trump.


I lost three “careers” in my working life because I stood by what I thought was right.  In each case, my wife and kids stood with me and it did not trouble my sleep to have left those jobs.  My life history has shown that in each case, it cost me my job but I was right in leaving. (Two of those employers, when it was shown that I was correct, later offered me my job back.)  In the long run, our lives were better and now that my children are grown, they point with pride to those times and tell their own families how standing for your principles is better than groveling for a job. 


The time has come dear friends, do we loyal Republicans stand with a charlatan or do we seek another way?  It troubled me when many in the GOP came out against the TEA party, perhaps it is time to look at their principles again.


HRC may make the presidencies of Obama and Carter look like genius but we will survive.  The question is, what will the opposition party look like on the other side of her term?  Will it be a party that gave itself over to a buffoon like Trump or will it be a party of principled people the rest of the nation can rally around?  The old saying is true: If you do not stand for something, you will fall for anything.


Now is the time, the choice is yours: your soul or your principles?  Each of us must make the decision but to paraphrase the bible:  As for me and my house, we will serve the Republican Party no more if it blindly follows Trump.