Trump, leading the army of the ignorant.

Ignorant:  1 lacking knowledge or experience 2 caused by or showing lack of knowledge 3 unaware


It is an indictment of the last 40 years of public education, our multimedia world, 24/7 “News” cycle, or perhaps Trump supporters have always been there and just never had a voice until now.  Whichever it is, Trump stands on the threshold of accomplishing much:  The destruction of a political party that has existed for almost 160 years and winning the nomination of said party.


First, a side note:


This nation is so far down the rabbit hole at any moment I expect a “Breaking News” report from Fox News: “Trump passes gas on the campaign trail, our panel of gastric experts discusses the issue.”   For several weeks I played a mind game where I counted the seconds from the time I switched to Fox and the time it took them to mention Trump.  Excluding commercials, for over one month, I never counted beyond 15 seconds.  I now watch CNN and BBC America, there are other things going on in the world besides Trump adding to his pile of BS.


Back to Trump and the ignorant


I realize it is not a scientific poll but I know 15 people that are Trump supporters and did my own poll.  I was surprised at the results because all are high school graduates, 6 are college graduates and two have Master’s degrees and yet all of them are ignorant, to some degree, as to how our government works, especially the office of the President.  Most of the 15 had no idea a President does not have the power to do the things Trump says he will do and the rest said Trump could bully Congress into going along with him.


Where does this ignorance come from? 


The MSM assigns a President all the credit or blame for whatever is going on in the nation, whether he had a hand in it or not.  To this day, Bill Clinton brags about “balancing the budget” and reducing crime without being challenged on the subjects.  Truth is Bill Clinton was dragged kicking and screaming to sign both bills by a Republican Congress.  But history records what it records and there is little that can be done to change the public’s view of events.


Which brings me back to my poll and Trump.  Thanks to the news media blaming or crediting the President with everything that goes on, the majority of the public assumes the President has powers he has never been granted.  Because people assume (insert old saying here) the President is directly responsible for all the ills that befall this nation, they also assume the right President can fix all the ills that have befallen this nation.  As a result, Trump is free to make any statement he wants to make and his ignorant followers believe, once elected, Trump can accomplish all he says.  As an example: When Obama said “history will record this is the moment when the oceans started to recede.” Very few questioned his godlike statement and most of his supporters thought such a thing was well within his power as President.  So, when Trump says he will build a 1,900 mile “wall” and deport 11 million people, his supporters cheer and do not question if he can accomplish such things.


Trump supporters, bombarded by the MSM and ignorant of history, do not realize they are cheering for what in effect would be a Dictator and not an elected President with limited powers.  But, ignorant people can only be taught by experience or if they have a willingness to learn.  I see no sign his supporters are willing to learn and only after one or two years of a Trump presidency will they be ripping his bumper stickers off their cars, having learned that 99% of his speeches were pure BS.  (Just as now, I am hard pressed to find anyone that voted for Obama—twice)


And now for the sad part


At this point in time, it does not matter if Trump becomes the GOP nominee, wins the White House, loses to HRC or is defeated at the convention, the damage has been done.   He has scorched the GOP to such an extent it will take a generation for the wounds to heal, if they ever do heal.  The GOP has become as ridiculous a political party as we always said the Democrats were and the final blow to our party would be if Trump wins the White House.  The MSM would make sure it would be a four year Trump train wreck with the result being it would make the Democrats seem like the reasonable political party.  The Democrats would take over and it would take the rise of another party to dislodge them from power.  The United States might become a one party nation, thanks to Trump, but some would argue it has already happened as there is little difference between Republicans and Democrats.


Think a one party nation cannot happen?  Already, you see a ground swell being led by Trump about making this into a “one person, one vote” nation.  His ignorant followers do not realize that should that happen, 10 states will elect the President and the rest of us might as well stay home.  Whoever controls California, New York, and Florida will run the country with the only major obstacle being Texas.


I also hear “reasonable” people in my party say if Trump is the nominee, we should all support him because winning is everything.  What is the old saying about gaining everything but losing your soul?  If Trump is the best the GOP can put up, perhaps it is time for us to look elsewhere for a political party.  (Sad to see my GOP made into a laughing-stock—very sad)


I am not given to conspiracies but if I wanted to destroy a political party, this is the perfect time in our nation’s history to do so and Trumps army of the ignorant is the perfect weapon.   (At this point, I do not believe a Lincoln/Reagan ticket could undo the damage Trump has done to the GOP)