Deport them all! Build a wall! Trumps dream, an American nightmare (part 1)

    Thought experiment:

Assume Donald J. Trump wins the Presidency and is somehow able to convince Congress to spend billions building a 1,900 mile, 30 foot tall wall along our southern border.

Disregard the problem of building said wall in the middle of an active river in the state of Texas.  For those that don’t know, the river is the border.  We can’t build the wall on their side of the river and if we build it on our side of the river, that puts the river under Mexico’s control.   Just a quick point—-back to the thought experiment.


OK, the wall is built and Congress approves the mass deportation of millions of people.  The local, county, state, federal law enforcement officers and some Army troops spread out across the nation in search of illegal aliens.  Citizens with Hispanic last names such as myself go into local district deportation offices and “prove” we are citizens.

Processing camps are set up along the border wall and soon, 11 million or so people are gathered in these camps from California to southern Texas.  My question is:  NOW what happens to 11 million people?

Thought experiment continues—-a few things to consider.

  • Most illegals left everything behind when they came here.  There is no home for them to return to.
  • They send money back but it is extended family members, not to maintain their own homes.  It is the same as you sending money to a kid in college.  Would it be OK to pack you up and send you to live with your kid just because you are sending him/her money?
  • They have a language in common with south of the border but that is it.  Consider your own ethnic roots.  How about packing you and your family up and sending you “back” to Italy, France, England—wherever.
  • The majority of illegals have been in this country for several generations, their children are born citizens.  Do we split up families?


But, this is a thought experiment so anything is possible.  Now we have a wall and 11 million people “concentrated” in camps along our southern border.  No nation, south of the border will take 11 million refugees in one massive wave, the U.S. would not do it so why expect them to do it—-what to do?  What to do?


Human nature and history points to a “final solution” when you have gone to the trouble of rounding up millions of people.  Nations such as China (30 million), Russia (upwards of 20 million), Germany (over 10 million), Cambodia, Vietnam, several nations in Africa, the list is endless.  But you have to do something with the millions you have rounded up in the U.S.—what to do?—-what to do?


Back to reality:


Our southern border worked until Ted Kennedy and President Johnson changed the law in 1965.  They got rid of the Braceros program and made it easier for people to leave everything and make a new home in the U.S.  Now, in 2016, do we really want to round them up and send them “back” for having taken advantage of our own stupidity?


Unless we want to count ourselves among the monsters of history, we must stop with the “build a wall” and “deport them all” nonsense and approach the problem in a realistic and compassionate manner.  Unless of course, America is willing to round up 11 million people and watch as they starve to death in the middle of the desert.  If so, then America has truly lost its soul and deserves to be sweep into the dustbin of history.


(A diary on the Braceros program as I saw it growing up working in the fields of West Texas to follow.  My ideas on what to do with illegals will follow soon after)