Trump: The Gostak distims the Doshes

Some of my favorite reading is from the golden age of science fiction.  One story that fits very well into our current political landscape is The Gostak and the Doshes,  written by Miles J. Breuer, a Nebraska physician, published in 1930.


The main character, through some manipulations, finds himself in a parallel universe.  It is almost identical to ours except for minor changes and he quickly adjusts to his circumstances and even secures a position as an assistant professor at the local university.


All is going well until a politician seeking reelection utters the phase The Gostak distims the Doshes as part of a campaign speech.  The entire nation is soon sweep up in the phrase and it is demanded that everyone either acknowledge that The Gostak distims the Doshes or else express no opinion and stay out of the way.


The main character keeps trying to find out what the phrase means but all he gets for an answer is:  “The Gostak is defined as the thing which distims the doshes…and the doshes are defined as the things that the Gostak distims.”  The movement eventually leads to war with nations that will not acknowledge that The Gostak distims the Doshes and the main character is facing the death penalty for not supporting the war effort. 


In the end, the protagonist returns to his own universe just as he is being marched to his execution.   Back in his “own universe” the man is met by an old friend that tells him it was not another universe at all, it was simply our own universe viewed from a different angle.


My question is this:  When did I slip into this universe? 

This looks like the United States where I grew up but this Presidential race makes no sense at all—-something must have happened that I am not aware of.  


We have a Presidential contest in which the Democrat frontrunner says she will close coal mines and coal fired power plants.  Second on the Democrat ticket is a man that would bankrupt the nation in order to give everyone free everything and on the Republican side, we have Trump.  At any moment, I expect Trump to make a speech about how The Gostak distims the Doshes and if he does—–his followers will cheer and march out to proclaim the good news.


In this universe, we have one sane man running for the Presidency and that is Cruz.  If the GOP does not get behind him and return this nation to sanity then learn the phrase well and say it enthusiastically:  The Gostak distims the Doshes.