How assuming got the GOP into this mess with Trump.

We all know the old saying about the word assume, it well illustrated in the popularity of Trump.


I am 68 years old and retired.  My wife and I are not rich by any stretch of the imagination but we do OK.  My point is I am always being asked, by younger people, financial advice.  They assume that because we are doing OK, I must have “Great” knowledge about the ins and outs of investing and handling money—I don’t.   And this brings me around to Donald Trump and politicians in general.


I have dealt with Rural Electric Cooperatives for the my entire working life and have been involved in hiring General Managers for some years.  In all that time, I have never had a board of trustees ask me to find an “outsider” to manage their cooperative.  Never have I had a board say: “We want someone who is successful in business but knows nothing about Rural Electric Coops, Unions, electric rates, or dealing with state regulatory commissions”.  Trustees always want the most qualified person we can find and even then, there are lengthy interviews held until the perfect candidate is found to lead their Cooperative.  Sorry about the tangent but trying to make a point.


Donald Trump, because he has amassed a great fortune is being sold as a master of the “deal” and with his “great” business sense will fix Washington.  But, this is like saying a great neurosurgeon will make a great President—-wait—-bad example.  Or saying that the CEO of a computer firm will—–sorry.   Anyway, just because a person is good at one thing does not mean he/she knows anything about running the country. Being an expert in one area does not make you an expert in another.  If you are a good lawyer, fix your own water heater, car, electrical breaker box, or appliance, surely you can handle something that basic.   Trump followers see him as a great success, true or not, and “assume” he must have some secret knowledge that will transfer to the office of President in order to “Make America Great Again”—that is a lot of assuming.


What this nation needs is a President that knows the system, has the organizational skills to use the system, and believes the founding documents of this nation are more than just old, faded papers.  What this nation needs is Ted Cruz and voters need to quit assuming a candidate will be a “great” President just because he/she says so.  If we don’t do our best to interview our candidates in order to find the most qualified, come November, if the GOP has gone forward with Trump, the old saying about ASSUME will once again be proven true.


The GOPs choice is clear, we get behind Cruz or face a Democrat as President that will make the Jimmy Carter years look like a picnic.

(If you don’t remember Carter, do yourself a favor and spend a few minutes reading about his presidency.  With HRC or Sanders, if they accomplish one-third of what they are promising, it will make Obamacare look like a roaring success.)