Hillary, Bernie, Trump, Cruz. Don't know what to do? (short family story)

Heard a talking head on T.V. the other day say: “The Democrats have always been better at getting out the vote than we are” (meaning Republicans).  She said this as a throwaway line and except for a few panel members nodding in agreement, no one bothered to expand on the comment.  They just seem to accept it as a fact of life:  Democrats are better at getting out the vote than Republicans.


Before I get to my main point, I should mention I come from a broken home.  My Mother was a dead dog Democrat; if Reagan had run against a dead dog, she would have voted for the dog.  On the other hand, my Father, FDR policies cost his family their ranch, was a stanch Republican; even at the age of 90, mention FDR in his presence at your own peril.


Having a split family made for an interesting childhood and I well remember the long and loud arguments in our home, especially every four years.  The arguments would end when Dad stormed out and went into his garage to build something.  The political battles were fierce but despite the yelling, never throwing anything, Dad and Mom were married for 72 years.  Mom passed at the age of 94 and Dad died 11 months later at the age of 95.  In 72 years of marriage, they raised 8 kids and we grew up to be 4 Democrat and 4 Republicans.


Circling back to the statement by the talking head, here is why Democrats have always been a force to be reckoned with. 


Mom took her voting very seriously and would spend at least one week before the election inviting neighborhood women over for coffee to discuss who they should support with their vote.  A few days before every election, local, state, or Federal, Mom got a phone call from the local Democrat HQ asking if she needed a ride to vote.  Mom always accepted the offer of a ride and on Election Day, a vehicle would pull up in front of the house:  Mom would be greeted by name as she climbed aboard. 


Mom enjoyed Election Day as it also included a lunch and a chance to catch up on the town goings on.   She was brought home late in the afternoon and was happy to have spent the day visiting with old friends, cussing Republicans and being thanked for her vote.   In all the years I lived at home, Dad never got a call or offer of a ride from the Republican HQ.  If Dad made it in to vote or not, no one seemed to care, it was just one vote.


Here at RedState, and other sites, yards of column have gone into pointing out the problems with Trump and still, the voter turnout in state primaries remains embarrassingly low.  I know he has the most delegates and our system is what it is and the turn out percentages do not matter but still, it is disgraceful that a minority of a minority in state primaries has picked our frontrunner.  Come November, if like the panel on T.V., we shrug our shoulders and simply say the Democrats are better at getting out the vote than we are, Trump will go forward as our nominee and our losses will be historical, every poll shows he will lose to the Democrat.  Not only will Trump lose but the down ticket loss will probably include Congress and will reach down to local offices.


The GOPs poor organization at a grassroots level has given us Trump but if we hope to put Cruz in play and go on to beat the Democrat in November, it will take hard work.  We had a race for Sheriff once that was won by twenty votes, Mom use to say one of those votes was hers.  No way to know for sure but every vote really does count—-let’s get to work.


 (If you think your vote and helping organize doesn’t count in the overall scheme of things:  What’s the old saying about for want of a horseshoe a war was lost?)