OK, someone change the channel. This Twilight Zone episode of a presidential race is too stupid to watch.

Let me get a few things straight:

Russia is on the brink of taking over large chunks of Eastern Europe and the Middle East—without firing a shot.

ISIS has invaded Europe and is only waiting for the word in order to launch multiple large scale attacks on civilians.

China is building islands well outside its territorial waters and claiming the sea around those islands belongs to them.

We have no Southern border.  The MSM is bored with the story and no one really knows how many illegals have crossed over.  Estimates range from 11 to 30 MILLION.

States, mainly California, Arizona, New Mexico, and Texas are spending over 2 billion dollars a year in health care for illegals.

Diseases that were thought to have been eradicated in the United States are being reported all across the nation.

An estimated 94 MILLION U.S. citizens are receiving some type of government assistance.

The true unemployment number for the U.S. is over 10%.  Some experts say it is at 1930s level and is being manipulated by the Obama administration.

The nation is almost 20 TRILLION dollars in debt.

The nation is carrying over 100 TRILLION in unfunded liability.

(Continue with your own list—this is getting depressing)




Three of the top four candidate for President are;

Hillary-–under Federal investigation and the only way she is not brought up on charges is if the President and the Attorney General warp the law in her favor.

Sanders—In any other age would be called a communist.  He calls himself a socialist but if he lost a little hair, you couldn’t tell his speech’s apart from those of Lenin.

Trump—A pants dropper that knows he is ahead because the MSM has given him over one billion in free airtime because of his outrageous comments.  At the next debate, it would not surprise me if he threw feces at his opponent, or literally dropped his pants to compare the size of trouser trout’s.




I see Cruz as the man in countless Twilight Zone episodes, an ordinary man, trying to do the best he can and finds himself in a place where everything is turned on its head.  He has spent years honing his skills as a politician.  He stands ready to debate the finer points of foreign policy.  The budget, welfare, military spending, the southern border,  volumes of facts and figures burned into his mind.  His vision for Americas future is formed and ready for the voters to carefully consider—he is the politician America needs.  But now, late into the campaign he lays awake at night thinking about whither to make a statement about the threat of ISIS or answer Trump on who has the hottest wife.  Instead of displaying his brilliance, Cruz is called on to defend himself against grade school taunts.


Walking through the bizarre landscape that is the 2016 presidential race, Cruz  spends hours trying to wake himself up, thinking this cannot be real.  He wanders the landscape, going from state to state, trying to get people to see the troubled world around them, but to no avail.


In his travels Cruz meets an older politician, full of credentials and years of governing experience behind him.  But the fates have all but forever silenced the man and few can hear his voice, even less remember his name—Kercuf, Kurtie, Kasic, Kasich—well whatever.  The man hangs onto Cruz’s arm, begging for a debate where his ideas can be heard.  But Cruz and he both know that time is gone and unless he drops his pants or resorts to petty insults, he is doomed to wander the primaries—lost and soon forgotten.  As Cruz walks away, he hears the man behind him calling out:  “I will make a great VP!  can anyone hear me—anyone?”


Cruz wonders:  How can a nation that gave us Presidents that straddled the world stage like giants now be consumed by such foolishness? But, like the characters in the Twilight Zone that end up screaming into the void, Cruz has come to realize there is no escape.  “Is this idiocy how nations fall” he screams, “is our next President to be a felon or a carnival barker?”  He sobs into his hands as Rod Serlings voice comes on to close the episode.


“The founders of the United States never envisioned that citizens, having the unique power in world history to elect their government officials, would choose not to participate.  A minority of a minority will elect the next President and the old saying is proven true once again: People, sooner or later, get exactly the government they deserve.”