Part III: Stop with the Trump panic--Want to know an easy way to stop him? (from the response--apparently not)

Have you had enough of the #never Trump?  Is the black arm band to tight?  Does the sack cloth need to be taken to the laundry?  The ashes on your head need to be washed out?  Is your chest bruised from the constant thumping you have been administering?  Is your throat sore from lamenting the death of the Republican Party?  If so, I have a simple solution for you, it is a little something our founding fathers thought up and it works every time, its called GET THE VOTE OUT!


Our founding fathers were not country folk that got together over a pickle barrel one day and decided to form a nation.  The were a group of men that were well traveled, well read and well educated.  They wanted the voice of the people to be clearly heard in the halls of government and if they had a failing, they never envisioned a time would come when, given a voice in this nation, the majority of the people would not vote.


Heard a panelist on CNN (sorry, did not catch the name) say: “The candidate with the most delegates, not the candidate with a majority of delegates should get the nomination.”   And another panelist said: “If he (Trump) has the most delegates going into Cleveland, he deserves the nomination.”  Sorry, not the way it works and threats from Mr. Trump will not make it work that way, nor will demonstrations in the streets.  The GOP must go to convention and the candidate with the MAJORITY of delegates at the end of the convention is our nominee.  Only in that way can the GOP say we were represented at the convention and did not have a candidate forced on us because he gets a lot of free airtime.


Where am I going with this?


Simple, here in Georgia, the turn out ratio for the primary was 29% of registered voters.  Assuming half of them were Republicans, that is 14.5% of registered Republican voters cast ballots in the primary.   Of that 14.5%, Trump got 38% of the total or put another way, a minority of a minority gave Trump a victory in Georgia.  The MSM keeps reporting Trump got 38% of THE VOTE and leaves off the part about how few voted.  If you do the math, only 6 OUT OF 100 REGESTERED REPUBLICANS VOTED TRUMP in the state of Georgia.


Our founding fathers dreaded rule by a minority and this year, Trump is calming victory with a the smallest percentage of the vote in recent memory.  Many in the GOP seem willing to surrender our party to less than 10% of the voters.  This is NOT what our founders envisioned, they knew full well the danger of minority rule.  (France would prove them correct a few years later.)


I don’t know why people don’t vote in the primary and it doesn’t matter, it is what it is and Trump is the frontrunner.  So, instead of walking the hallways and weeping over the death of the GOP, how about volunteering to drive people to the poles if you live in one of the the remaining states?  If we can not flat out stop Trump, we can still make sure he does not get to the convention with a super majority of delegates.  If we can’t put Cruz ahead in delegates, let’s at least get it so close it forces a vote at the convention.


We didn’t like it when people were talking about the coronation of Hillary but many in the MSM and even in our party want the coronation of Trump.  So, complain all you want, it won’t make a difference and all the hashtags in the world will not slow the Trump bandwagon.  Regardless of who our nominee turns out to be after the convention, lets make sure the MAJORITIES voice has been heard.


We must work to get the vote out in the remaining primaries and we must demand a vote at the convention.  Only then can our Presidential nominee go forward with a MAJORITY of Republican voters behind him.