Part II: Stop it with the Trump panic: Only a minority of a minority is voting for him.

I lack the skill and resources to do a comprehensive study of the people that have thus far voted for Trump.  But wish someone  would do such a study because we (the GOP) are being sold a bill of goods.   The MSM would have us believe that it is all over and Trump will be the GOP nominee.  They say the convention will “blow up” if Trump is not given the first vote.  Before it is to late, the GOP needs to realize that  Trump is a creature of the MSM and even with millions in free airtime, Trump is  being supported by a minority of a minority.


To all those that have donned black arm bands and are looking on Amazon to order  sack cloth and ashes, take heart and consider this:

Of my ten (10) closest Republican friends, I am the only one that voted in the Georgia Primary.  None of those ten (10) can stand Trump and all say they will vote in the General.  This means:  Trump is ahead because  a minority 30-40% of a minority (perhaps 40%) voted for him in the primaries.  Following my thumb nail poling, there is somewhere between 60-75% of the GOP, that will vote in the General that does not want to vote for Trump.  OK, my numbers may be miles off but I believe my point is valid.


Instead of tearing garments and crying that all is lost, someone out there with the expertise to put this together needs to do so and make it known.  The falsehood that we have no choice but Trump should be made clear and loud, before we truly buy into the MSM cattle call and run ourselves off a cliff.


(Deleted my calculations in favor of those in the comments, much better job.

And yes, I understand about delegates but my point is that 38% of 29% of the Georgia republicans that voted in 2012 voted for Trump in March.  Trump is demanding we “give him the nomination or their will be a revolution”.  This is a minority of a minority telling the GOP what to do.  Trump cannot win the General, we must go to a second vote at the convention and nominate Cruz)