Soon after: Should a Republican be the next President.

If you will consider the pressure the Dems and the MSM will bring to bear on a new Republican President, it becomes clear you do not want our next President to be Trump.  (Please add to the list)


Unemployment:  Anyone that has taken Econ 101 knows the numbers can be played with in several ways.  The unemployment will rise to over 10% by the end of the first quarter of a Republican Presidency.   T.V. will go back to featuring the homeless, newsprint will devote countless columns to hard luck stories, demanding something  be done.


Libya:  The drumbeat to stop the killing by ISIS will be constant, the MSM loves the ratings direct conflict brings.  The Christian genocide will be front page at least three times a week.   The entire area will be featured daily and “decisive action is immediately needed.”


Gas prices:  The low gas prices will be presented as a catastrophe for the thousands of oil field workers that have been laid off.  Global Warming—sorry—-Climate Change will be blamed on a glut of oil.  Fracking will be brought to the forefront as causing unemployment, earthquakes, water contamination etc.


The Mexican border:  A “wall” will be fought against as being inhumane and will never be built.  Any attempt to stop benefits for illegals will also be fought against.   A “path” to citizenship will be presented as the true “American” thing to do.  Photos of Illegal children will be cover shots as “not in Africa but right here!”


Affordable Care Act:  The MSM will acknowledge the problems with Obamacare and will pressure the new President towards a single payer healthcare system:  it is the only humane thing to do with the 30 million still uninsured.  The “haves” should be taxed at 50% to help pay for everyone’s health care!  (the haves will be anyone making over 50k)


Congress:  The Democrats will establish at least four subcommittee to look into every aspect of the new Presidents election.  Also, if the new president nominates a conservative to the Supreme Court, the Dems will do all they can to “Bork” the nominee.  (It will make the Clearance Thomas hearing look like a cakewalk)


The love affair Obama has enjoyed for eight years will not be carried over to a Republican President.  The MSM is salivating like attack dogs at the prospect of a Republican President and the ratings it will generate.  They will immediately demand concrete answers, not name calling and bragging.  Therefore, the questions the 30-47% of voters that keep voting for Trump should be asking themselves should include:

Which Republican candidate has the ability and intelligence to withstand the pressure and help guide America forward?  Which candidate thinks that by bullying, bragging, and “making deals”, he can bend the government to his will and “Make America Great Again”?


Should the next President be a Republican, it can either be a great chapter in American history or it can be a disaster to rival President Carters four years.  For those of you that don’t know or have forgotten, you couldn’t find a home loan under 11%, if you had the gas to get to a mortgage company.


The time is come to put aside wishful thinking and empty promises.   In the remaining primaries—–choose carefully.