OK Trump, now you're just screwing around.

I have given up trying to convince Trump followers as to why the Trump “wall” will never be built.  According to my Civil Engineer son, there are several reasons the “wall” cannot be built but the Trump followers are beyond reason on the subject.

So, they have wore me down and I give up, let the Trump followers have their delusion of living behind a 1,900 mile wall.


But, did you see Trumps economic speech on 3/2/16?  Even students in Econ 101 must have fallen out of their chairs when he said he would raise taxes on incoming products by 35%.  Donald Trump is either completely ignorant of how markets work or he thinks his audience is made up of idiots.  Listening to Trump talk about economics was watching him take a blender to the subject, what was coming out of his mouth was pure nonsense—-but the crowd went wild


In short, Trump said the way to “bring jobs back to America” is to wreck our economy.  He said that by raising taxes on incoming products, it would force companies to relocate their plants to America.  This is delusion on a grand scale but—-the crowd went wild.  Let’s take a look at his 35% “economic plan”.


The most obvious question is:  if you have a plant in Mexico, China, or wherever and are selling products in the U.S., are you are going to spend billions to move the plant here because Trump raises taxes by 35%?  Or, are you simply going to raise the price of your product by 35% and let the U.S. buyer pay the extra tax?


How would it wreck our economy?  (Trump supporters may ask)


Do Trump supporters know how much of their automobile is made outside the U.S.?

(the brand doesn’t matter, take a look and you will find “Hecho en Mexico” stickers all over the vehicle.)

Do they know how much of the stuff they buy is made in the far East?  And not just Walmart.

Do they not know that almost all electronics sold in the U.S. contains components or is entirely made outside our borders?

Do they know that a large percentage of our food is brought in from outside the U.S.?  During winter, almost all fresh fruits and vegetables are brought in.


Trumps “economic plan”, if implemented, would immediately increase prices on almost everything we consume by 35% which in turn would crash the U.S. economy.  And before anyone says Trump will artificially keep prices low while taxing an additional 35%, he would have to raise our taxes to pay for the artificial ceiling.  It has never worked in any country where it has been tried, and it won’t work here.  If implemented, Trump’s economic plan would have us standing in line on the day the bread truck made its delivery.  (sounds like Russia under communism, doesn’t it)


I could go on but I listened to his economic plan and thought:  WOW! how can anyone with half a brain believe this stuff?   There is more BS in a Trump speech than at our local stockyard.——-but the crowd went wild.