History does not repeat itself, it is forgotten.

Thinking on the subtitle, it dawns on me that many of my friends have no idea what a nation of laws as opposed to a nation of men even means.   These are college educated people, among them are two Masters and one PhD. but seem to lose their minds when it comes to politics.  Sorry to report, all of them voted on Tuesday for Trump.


I do not understand what is going on with the GOP.  Perhaps I have beat my head against the Trump wall so hard I have a concussion or my tin hat is on too tight.   Whatever the reason, I look at reasonable, honest, hardworking people and see a zombie like shine in their eyes that makes them discount all sense of reason and defend whatever BS Trump puts out.  Do they not know how the Presidency works or it is they simply don’t care and want a “daddy” figure to cure all their ills?


In every nations history, there comes a time when the people get fed up with their government and turn towards someone that seems like a great leader.  It often does not matter who that “leader” really is, he just has to say the right things.  History is full of nations turning to such men—it never ends well.


There are always reasons voters turn to a charismatic, popular “leader”.  The main reason is the “burn it all down crowd”, does not stop to think of what may come after. In the Presidential race we are seeing unfold, it is the MSM and the Republican Party itself that are driving the voters towards Trump. The constant drumbeat by the MSM, good or bad, is relentless and obvious, the Republican Party–not so much.

Someone like Trump was bound to come along when the Republican leaders made the decision to “get along” with Obama and the Democrats.  They started Trumps rise by putting down the TEA party.  Here was a group of strong conservatives that believed in the Constitution and were becoming a force within the GOP.  The leaders of the GOP were soon echoing the remarks made by Obama and the Democrats.  Even after TEA party candidates won seats, I guess it was to big a threat to the way they liked thing to be done and the GOP continued to criticize the TEA party.


Another reason for todays voter discontent is when the GOP, tired of hearing us complain about Obama, said “give us the house”, we did and nothing happened. Then it was “give us the Senate” and again,  nothing happened. Now, they are saying “give us everything and we will fix things”  and voters are saying:  WE DON’T BELIVE YOU!   In my opinion, the GOP is in large part to blame for Trump.  The GOP “crown” was taken up by Trump who, like Napoleon, when asked how he got the crown could say: ” It was just laying on the ground and I picked it up.”


Unfortunately, world history is piled high with nations that stopped listening to the people and the people, in frustration, turned themselves over to an unproven leader.  When political history is forgotten, human nature takes over and political history repeats itself.