OK, one more time on why I think the Dems want a Trump Presidency.

The Democrats will take a Hillary Presidency but they will gain more without it.


The Democrats always look at the long run while the GOP cannot see past its nose.  That said, the Democrats know history is not on their side when it comes to a sitting Presidents party winning a third term.  G.H. Bush won on the coattails of Reagan but that was a rare event.   G.W. Bush, if not for 9/11 would have been a one term President but despite the MSM and the Democrats, popular momentum was on his side and he won reelection.  In the 2008 election, Hillary was thrown away when Obama came on the scene, Hillary might have won once but the Democrats rightly calculated Obama would win twice—sneaky these Democrats—very sneaky.


In this Presidential race, it is my belief the Democrats are willing to again throw Hillary under the bus if they can have a Republican train wreck for the next four years.   In my opinion, the  Democrats are calculating that if Trump is a big enough mess, they will win Congress back and after Trumps one term,  the Presidency for eight years.   I base this on the fact that President Carters train wreck of an administration made Reagan possible for eight years and then Bush for four more.  The Democrats learned a valuable lesson.


Moving forward, the reason Trumps outrageous behavior and really dumb statements do not stick is because the MSM does not want them to stick.  Everyone keeps saying should Trump become the GOP nominee, the MSM and the Democrats will take him apart but, look at the evidence thus far.   The MSM does not follow up on his statements, any of which would have ended the career of other politicians.  And if Hillary and Sanders are afraid of Trump,  why have they not come after him in any meaningful way?  The idea the Democrats are “saving” their ammunition until a Republican nominee is chosen is ridiculous.


Again, in my opinion, (and I was right about the Trump drumbeat months ago) the Democrats and the MSM would both love to see a four-year Trump train wreck.


(On a side note, I caught a lot of flack on a diary entry about Trumps wall, specially how much it would cost.   People that believe in Trumps wall are not calculating:  A. The cost of the wall.  B.  The cost of hundreds of bridges that will have to be built.  C.  The cost of a 1,900 mile long all weather road.  D.  The ongoing cost of an army of new border patrol agents and E. The cost of processing people that cross said wall.  Building a wall is a simplistic answer to a complex problem—change the laws back to what they were pre 1965.)