To Trump supporters: Riddle me this?

I realize Trumps appeal is emotional and that deep thought is not associated with the Trump campaign but stop to think about this if you believe the President is all powerful.   Obama, on day one, signed an executive order to close Gitmo and here he is, almost eight years later, trying to close Gitmo.  If the President is as powerful as Trump supporters think it is and by his will alone, Trump will be able to do everything he says,  then why has Obama not been able to close Gitmo?


If you are serious about changing the way D.C. works, if you want to see the southern border closed, if you want to see something done about illegals living in this country, look to your Congress  because THAT is where the power always has been.   Presidents come and go, Obama will soon be out of office, but most of our Senators and Representatives are not elected for a short term—they are in it for life.


The good things G.W. Bush tried to do were not blocked by some mysterious force, they were blocked by a duly elected Congress.  And if you think terrible programs have been put in place, they were each and every one backed by Congress.  There is no use complaining about the way Washington is being run if YOU keep sending the same people up there to run things.


But, I suppose it is easier to pin all our hopes on one person, be it Obama or Trump than it is to take the long view of politics.  It is easier to believe that one person can “fundamentally transform America”  than it is to grasp the concept that we are at this point in our dysfunction, not because of one President but because of decades of Congressional work.   People like Harry Reid have been in Congress for  almost 1/4 of this nations history and in those decades have done more damage to the Republic than all the Presidents they served under.


If you really want to change America, if you really want to control the borders and control spending then elect a Congress that will work with a good conservative President.  It really is about that simple.  Congress, because some are there for life, can see to it that good polices and programs are not tampered with by a future Congress or President.   If you don’t like the direction this country is going, the only one that can “throw all the bums out” is you.  If you want a President to do the job for you—-that is called a dictator.

(History shows dictatorships never turn out well for those that put them in power.  If history is not your thing, take my word for it.)


If Trump supporters will take an honest look at our form of government, they will shift away from Trump and to one of the few capable candidates left in the race.  And come November, work to give your choice for President a Congress he can work with.   Backed by a Congress that has the good of this nation at heart, the next President will be able to address and solve your concerns.