Trump: Our nominee, our President, our ringmaster!

Should Trump become the Republican nominee, he will not survive the first one or two debates without being shown to be the pro-wrestling ringmaster he always has been.   I, and many others have said it from the start, Trump is a pants dropper that will do or say anything to keep himself in the spotlight, and the spotlight has been glaring.  For the sake of ratings, the MSM has given Trump 100s of millions in free press and airtime, without thought of what his nomination would do to the Republic.   But, as with all things, the dance is almost over and it is time to pay the piper.


For those of you old enough to remember world champion boxer Mouhamad Ali, it was annoying to put up with his “I am the greatest” routine but if you made the mistake of getting in the ring with him, his knockout punch was devastating:  Trump has no knockout punch.


Should Trump become our nominee,  Trump will quickly be shown to be a braggart.   Two futures lay ahead if Trump becomes our nominee, either there will be a Sanders or HRC Presidency or if Trump rides a wave of popularity into the White House, we will have a one term President that will make the Jimmy Carter days look like paradise.  (For those of you that have never been taught about Carter, talk to your Grandparents)


To save yourself and the GOP the embarrassment of seeing Trump answer serious questions with his empty platitudes, there is still time to get behind a strong candidate.  My choice dropped out long ago but of those remaining in the race,  we need Cruz or Rubio.  If the GOP bows to the MSM Trump drumbeat, it may be a generation before our party can field a serious canidate again.  By that time, the “transformation of America” will be complete:  this election is that critical.

Think, and chose wisely, this time may not come again.

(and for all you Trump supporters: I have a great bridge I want to sell you.  It is the greatest bridge ever—you won’t believe it.)