Who are the Trump supporters?

Zombie: in folklore, an animated corpse  2 (slang) a person who is listless, machine-like, etc.

OK, perhaps zombie is to strong a word to describe the Trump followers.  Some people use the phrase “low information voter” which is perhaps a better description for people that hear the catch phrases and do not bother to look behind the curtain.  But, I like the word zombie because the chants they utter and the blank stare in their eyes when you try to reason with them reminds me of the zombies in the movies.


It was fun when we Republicans could make fun of the crowds that stared up at Obama with vacant eyes and almost drooled whenever he promised what they wanted to hear.  But, now we have Trump who took a page out of the Obama playbook, multiplied the attacks and empty promises and we in the GOP don’t like it.  In places like Red State, we keep pointing out that Trump is a carnival barker and there is no way his promises could ever be kept but still, the zombies keep advancing, and voting.


The GOP needs to realize that Trump zombies have no mind to change, wither it is eating brains or buying Trumps rhetoric,  there is no reasoning with them.  Should Trump get completely kicked out of the race, many zombies will write his name in on election day.  In the meantime, Trump continues to pole at 20-35% and will probably continue to do so, regardless of the logic or reasonable arguments we make.  Spooky—so, what to do?


A quick example and then back to Trump zombies.

As a Hispanic, I keep hearing the next President “must” win the Hispanic vote, same thing for the black vote but the GOP has given up on that one.  Hispanics, voting Hispanics, make up approximately 5% of the overall vote in a Presidential election.  If we assume many Hispanics  such as myself are Republicans:  Are you telling me the next President will be decided  one or two percent of Hispanic voters?   In my opinion, this thinking and chasing after those few votes sucks up a lot of campaign money and makes little or no difference.


My question on working so hard to get the minority vote is simply this: At most, the Hispanic and Black voters make up 10% of the total votes cast,  so who makes up the other  90% of the vote?

My advice to the GOP:  And I can say this because I am Hispanic and therefore not a racist, according to todays PC crowd.

(—-in small font as in a whisper—- why doesn’t the GOP go after the dreaded “white” vote?  That is 70-80% of voters and millions of Democrats would vote for another Reagan type Republican—-again, small font—because they are fed up with the silliness of Sanders and HRC.)

As a protected Hispanic minority, and therefore not a racist,  I say to the GOP: Dance with the one that brought you.   If you are serious about winning the Presidency (no Trump) and keeping the Congress, court the (add your own adjective) white vote.


Back to the Trump zombies

Trump followers are reacting to the steady drumbeat in the MSM about Trump.  They don’t bother to think that none of his promises are possible, unless he is made a dictator, but the zombies do not think that far ahead.  The steady drumbeat, fighting with the Pope for example, keeps pounding the Trump name into their “machine-like” skulls.  Again, what to do?


We cannot change the minds of the Trump followers, so me must concentrate on the other 70% of Republican voters, it really is as simple as that.  Trump will continue to be a force, regardless of how he does in March and he might go Independent but that still leaves 70% of  our voters.  If we continue to waste our money, reason, and logic on Trump followers, the 70% will make up their own mind and they might not bother voting:  HRC wins, giving Obama a 3rd term.  Some say this is not possible but we gave Reagan a 3rd term with G.H. Bush and it may happen again.


The GOP, by arguing with Trump, is starting to look as shallow and wacko as he is and the 70% are watching.  None of the frontrunners in the GOP were my first choice, but that is who we have.  The GOP needs to stop attacking Trump and concentrate on building up our candidate so the other 70%  of Republican voters, who are not Trump zombies, will have a clear choice on election day.


P.S.  There are millions of disillusioned Democrats that will vote Republican if they are presented with a strong, principled leader, just like they did with Reagan.